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A Tim Ferriss-Inspired News Filter. We're like the espresso of news aggregators – strong, minimal, and straight to the point. Perfect for those who'd rather live "under the rock" than drown in information overload.

Our Story

Why we dug this hole

I'm an indie developer and a fan of Tim Ferriss that's tired of wading through an ocean of clickbait, irrelevance, and bad journalism. Under the Rock News is the result of trying to stay informed on my own terms. The mission is simple: to develop a service that respects its user's time and filter news that's irrelevant, unimportant, or unactionable.

How It Works

Our Approach to News

We've built a system that filters news based on importance and actionability, not just what's trending. It aggregates from a multitude of news sources (more coming, feel free to contact me to request for your favorite source) and sorts articles into “high impact” (an exceptionally rare occurrence, as it should be), “readable”, and “filtered”. These articles have also been given new titles so they’re more to the point. You may further tailor your feed with filters of your own by muting words and phrases of news types or events that have become noise. It’s news consumption on your terms.

What's on the Horizon

What we're building (and not building)

We're not just stopping at news filtering. Imagine being able to filter your email newsletters and getting condensed summaries of them or getting finance news that has actual moved the needle. We’re also figuring out what and how to monetize but we’re already sure of this: no ads. We’re committed to respecting your time and keeping you informed.

Why Under the Rock News

No-Nonsense News for You

Under the Rock is for those who want their news straightforward and substantial. It’s for the critical thinkers, the busy professionals, and anyone who values their time too much to spend it sifting through sensational headlines. If you’re looking for a news source that respects your intelligence and your schedule, you've found it.

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